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A piano from Leverett Pianos is a sound investment in your family’s musical future. Leverett Pianos we guarantee that our pianos have a tonal quality unparrelled to any other company. With the wealth of over 160 years’ experience, and training stemming back to Julius Bluthner himself, Leverett Pianos can deliver the most exquisite instruments. Using our wealth of experience, we are able to install confidence into our customers, before, during and after a sale. We don’t just sell pianos; we ensure that piano is cared for and looked after with our 5 year Leverett Guarantee* . Our sister company Piano Restorations are the market leaders in piano rebuild, restore and repair, which allows us to deliver the best aftercare possible for the client.

There are many piano companies and restorers that are merely changing over the strings on the original soundboard and tuning plank, changing the hammer heads and damper felts, and repairing the external finish. For more modern pianos, this may be fine, for a piano of 40 years old and over a full rebuild will be carried out by Piano Restoration before entering the show room of Leverett Pianos.

Our pianos enjoy a long life in the homes of many musicians, on the concert stage, in recording studios and institutions. In many cases our customers were prepared to spend far more on a new instrument, and in some cases our customers have gone on to purchase a second instrument from us with the money they saved on the first one! Our pianos will give you and your family decades of musical enjoyment, and they will last a lifetime. Having your piano restored by us is a great way to ensure that your family heirloom is ready to be passed on to the next generation, and a piano purchased from us will surely be treasured for generations to come. Our restored pianos all come with a certificate of restoration detailing the parts used and the work performed, signed by our chief technicians, thus further ensuring the value of your instrument.

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