Steinway Model O – Rosewood Grand Piano

Steinway Model O – Rosewood Grand Piano

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A beautiful and elegant boudoir grand piano, 5’10” in length. The most famous well respected manufacturer. With a rich tone and brand new responsive action this piano will satisfy the most demanding pianist to the beginner.

circa 1920

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This piano has received a full rebuild and is now in brand new condition. This piano is perfect for the professional or amateur musician who requires the very best piano but where space is at a premium. Period features and bespoke bright black finish, it has a sound and touch that will satisfy the most demanding musician.

We ONLY use genuine official Steinway Parts in our Steinway Rebuilds.

We have replaced, to Steinway specification, the:

  • Soundboard
  • Wrest Plank (Tuning Plank)
  • Tuning Pins
  • Strings
  • Damper Felts

A brand New Official Steinway Kluge keyboard

New Official Steinways Lever, shanks, roller and hammers.

We have restored to as new condition the:

  • Case work to a satin rosewood finish
  • Brass Hardware

We have fully regulated and weighed off the action so that it performs to professional concert standard, offering the pianist a precise, fast, responsive and even touch. We have voiced the piano to the unforgetable Steinway tone, providing a rich pure tone. We have tuned this piano many times in our workshops and we have stabilized the tuning

With the cost of a new Steinway of similar size being in excess of £80,000, our rebuilt piano represents outstanding value for money on a bespoke hand-finished rebuilt instrument.

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